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Leading Environmental Activist’s Confession: I Was Wrong To Oppose GMO's
Mark Lynas is a British author, journalist and environmental activist who was partly responsible for the worldwide condemnation of the use of genetically modified products in the mid-nineties has done a remarkable about face stating he got it totally wrong. Listen to his speech!
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High Payout Risk for Some

While the press headlines ‘Fonterra farmers rejoice’ over the third increase this season in the milk price forecast to $8.30 a kilogram of milk solids, the increased payout forecast has caused some banks to put pressure on their farmer clients to put their farms up for sale, due to their high debt loadings.
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Northland Proposed Regional Policy Statement

25,000 Northland property owners are about to receive letters from the Northland Regional Council advising how their property rights may or could be affected by the NRC’s new Proposed Regional Policy Statement, in particular from Outstanding Landscapes, Coastalmargins, Outstanding Natural Character and Outstanding Natural Features
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We are fragile - Neil Armstrong

With farmers suffering the driest droughts in 38 years throughout New Zealand, severe flooding in Australia, earthquakes and flooding in China, sub-zero temperatures in the United States, one could be forgiven in thinking that maybe the world is suffering from man-made actions that are causing severe climate changes. There are even proponents who state that the world weather patterns are controlled by nations that have the science to doso.
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Too Good to Fail

The Ministry for Primary Industries Pastoral Farm Monitoring Report makes sobering reading. Rural debt has increased from $46 billion to $50 billion and dairy farm debt forms $33 billion of that.
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Owen McShane Dies Suddenly

Owen McShane died suddenly yesterday morning. Owen had suffered from heart problems and had undergone a major heart operation some time ago and was in poor health but died suddenly. Owen was a great intellect and if his ideas had been accepted by mainstream New Zealand we all would have been better off both environmentally and economically. He will be missed
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